Star student: Bradley's swing change caught on quick


Major swing changes don’t have to take a long time to take hold.

Take Keegan Bradley.

The PGA Championship winner went to Jim McLean two years ago to revamp his swing while playing the Hooters Tour.

“He really wanted to change his swing,” McLean said. “He just didn’t think he could hit the ball well enough to get where he wanted to go.”

McLean said Bradley was athletic but had a large swing that needed some taming.

“It was a gigantic swing change,” McLean said. “I thought it would take three to four months of hard work for him to get it, but to my surprise, he won three weeks later.”

Bradley won on the NGA Hooters Tour almost exactly two years ago.

“He used to take the club way around his body, and he had this gigantic reverse hip twist, where he was off balance at the top of the swing,” McLean said. “He was moving his lower body so much, and his head was moving a foot to the right. It was very unusual.”

McLean said Bradley has managed to tame that movement while remaining aggressive.

“He can hit shots other guys can’t,” McLean said. “He can hit a 5-iron 240 yards. That’s nice to have, but you don’t really need that.

“You see him hitting a lot of those three-quarter iron shots now, but I love the freedom you see in his swing. He’s not a guider of the ball. He doesn’t fear a shot. He lets it go.”