R&A chief: Identify players for bad behavior


Royal & Ancient chief executive Peter Dawson said Monday he believes misbehaving players should be identified publicly and their punishment disclosed.

'The European Tour have published (the penalties) once or twice. Both tours know our view on that, but it is a matter for them,' Dawson said Monday. 'I have gone on record as saying more public sanctioning would not be a bad thing.'

He added, 'One would have thought public sanctions would be more likely to lead to a correction of behavior, rather than private sanctions.'

The European Tour has released its disciplinary action on the rare occasion, while the PGA Tour has steadfastly refused to comment on any fines or suspensions outside of its anti-doping program.

In many cases, it is not hard for a viewer to see when a line has been crossed by a player. Associating a penalty with those behaviors, however, would be new.

Despite his pleas, Dawson said the R&A does not maintain such a policy for the British Open.

'It is not something you can do for one week a year,' he said.