R&A's Dawson 'disappointed' with division over anchoring


As the chief executive of one of the two ruling bodies that initiated a proposed ban on anchoring last year, the R&A's Peter Dawson did not mince words about how he views the debate, and subsequent division, that has ensued over one of golf's hottest topics.

'I'm disappointed at the way that campaign was conducted. It put rule-making on to the negotiating table,' he explained as part of a recent report from The Independent.

In November, the R&A joined with the USGA to propose a ban on anchoring, set to take effect in 2016. A 90-day comment period was then initiated, during which the PGA Tour announced its opposition to the ban. Dawson notes that the schism between the various governing bodies could have lasting consequences.

'People have taken positions that they will now have to back off from or maintain. The negotiating table is no place for rule-making,' he continued. 'Obviously, feelings are strong. We shall have to see where it goes.

'The bodies in golf have always been working well together and mutually respectful of each other's position. But this latest incident has set this back,' added Dawson.

With Adam Scott's recent win at the Masters, each of golf's four major championships have now been won with an anchored putter since 2011. While some critics have argued that the window for action against anchoring closed years ago, Dawson asserted that the timing of the proposed ban was a better option than continued inaction.

'I know many will say we were late doing this and that is unarguably true,' he explained. 'But we did react to an upsurge in use of anchored strokes and one might say it is never too late to do the right thing.'