R&A's Dawson: 'Solid legal ground' for anchoring ban


On Tuesday, Keegan Bradley recanted statements he made last month that he would possibly pursue legal action against a ban on the anchored stroke, telling reporters in California, “I haven’t even thought that far.”

That might prove to be a wise move.

Peter Dawson, chief executive of the R&A, believes he is on “solid legal ground” for a ban that prohibits anchoring the club to a part of the body.

“Our legal advice is that it’s very clear the governing bodies have the authority to amend the rules as they see fit from time to time,” Dawson told Golf Channel. “And players coming into the game do so with the knowledge that that’s the case.

“The last thing we want is a situation where the game is in turmoil a little bit. To an extent it already is, but we need to draw closure to this whole affair, and I think the fact that we’re clarifying our position hopefully will do that.”

U.S. Golf Association executive director Mike Davis took it a step further, saying, “as the governing bodies, if we’re not doing what we think is in the best interest of the game long-term, if we’re going to let the potential of litigation change what we think is doing the right thing, then shame on us – we shouldn’t be in the position we’re in.”