The going rate for a Masters badge


AUGUSTA, Ga. – Augusta National Golf Club prohibits the re-sale of Masters’ badges, but, as is the custom here, you can see scalpers at work up and down Washington Road, though no closer than 2,700 feet from the club’s perimeter, where state law prohibiting the re-sale of tickets is aggressively enforced.

You can, however, get a Masters badge right from the seat of your home.

A Masters' badge has a face falue of $200. What’s the going rate this week? on Tuesday was selling badges for a Thursday round for as low as $859 each. The best price of a four-day badge is listed at $4,000. There are Sunday badges for $995 each.

Augusta National cautions its badge holders about re-selling tickets. According to club policy: “The original ticket purchaser from Augusta National is responsible for explaining provisions to any subsequent user. A ticket obtained in contravention of these provisions will not be honored.'