Top 10 Letterman style: Boehner-Biden talk golf, not politics


As you can see from the video below, it was Open Mic Night prior to President Obama’s speech on Thursday, as Vice President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House John Boehner talked a little golf.

Well, OK, so Boehner talked and Biden listened.

What was the reaction to their conversation? Gary Williams and I presented our own version of a David Letterman-style top-10 list on Friday’s edition of 'Morning Drive':

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10. The rest of the U.S. is worried about the debt ceiling and the Speaker is working on his handicap index?

9. Biggest political buzzwords these days are 'job creation.' I've got one: Guy who turns off microphones.

8. Which commercial airline did he say he flew into Mullin, Neb.? Oh, that’s right. He didn’t.

7. Hey, could've been worse. He could've bragged about his fantasy football draft.

6. That’s amazing stuff, Mr. Speaker. Now let’s see how good you are at “Simon Says.” Stand up. Sit down. Clap. Isn’t that all they do during those speeches?

5. One political stance we can all get behind: The emergency nine.

4. Send those scores to Fred Couples. You may get a captain’s pick.

3. Sand Hills is a Coore-Crenshaw course. Wonder if Ben ever saw Boehner's swing and said, 'I've got a feeling...'

2. We finally have proof: Spray tanning really does improve your game.

1. Two-under one day, then 86 the next? Good news, Tiger: You're qualified to be Speaker of the House!