Remembering a drowsy US Open finish


PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. – Competition chief Mike Davis is leaving his signature on U.S. Open setups, and I like his philosophy, but I would have loved to have seen his Saturday setup on Sunday.

I see the TV ratings were up terrifically in the final round, which made me wonder how many folks actually dozed off with their TVs on after switching over.

I can’t imagine that kind of golf drawing a lot of new fans to the game.

It’s no shot at Graeme McDowell. He gets credit for being tougher than anyone else on that brutal Sunday. I’ll remember his gutty refusal to give up this championship, but I won’t remember much about how he did it.

There was no banged shot off the flagstick at the 17th like Nicklaus’ in 1972, no chip in at the 17th like Tom Watson’s in ’82, no chip in at the seventh like Tom Kite’s in ’92. The shots I’ll remember most on Sunday were Dustin Johnson’s left-handed stub at the second, his near whiff there with another chip and his lost drive into the junk at the third. 

I’ll remember wishing the U.S. Golf Association could have helped deliver more to remember.