Report DQd Futures Tour pro reaches agreement


Sarah Brown has reached a confidential agreement with the Duramed Futures Tour as compensation for her improper disqualification from a tournament in Concord, N.H., last weekend, according to the Lehigh Valley (Pa.) Express-Times.

“Sarah and I felt it was extremely important to get this issue behind us as soon as possible and am pleased that we have reached an agreement,” Keith Brown, Sarah’s father, told the newspaper. “It is a confidential agreement. We can't give any details of it.”

The story reports that the Tour initially offered the Browns $2,000, the equivalent of four tournament entry fee ($500) refunds, but the family turned down the offer.

The newspaper’s website links to “The Sarah Brown Home Page” at, which reports to detail “highlights of the requests” the Browns were submitting to the Tour as amends for her wrongful DQ.

Keith Brown told Golfweek Thursday that he wished to avoid litigation, but “anything is on the table.”

Brown, 18, of Lopatcong, N.J., was DQ’d in the middle of the final round for using a non-conforming Ping Tour-W wedge, which proved to be conforming. She was DQ’d after her father was reported to have pleaded with rules officials to wait until the round was complete to avoid making exactly the mistake they made. She was 3 under par when she was taken off the course.

While the Browns cannot divulge details of their agreement, here is what they were requesting from the Tour as compensation, according to

• Equivalent prize money for 8 under par.

• Above money to be added to Sarah’s year-end earnings with a commitment that no Tour player will be adversely affected by such an addition.

• Waiver of entry to LPGA Q-School in the fall.

• A public commitment that the LPGA and Futures tour rules will be officially amended to forbid any official from disqualifying any player for grooves violations during a stipulated round, and that a player be given 24 hours to appeal such a decision with the USGA before the decision becomes final.

• Public commitment from the LPGA and Futures tours that rules officials shall hence forth receive annual seminars, however brief, on proper implementation of rules and handling of disputes.

An explanation behind the reasons for each request are detailed at the