Riviera's 10th short but not simple


Amid the misplaced concerns over the legality of the long putter and the ever increasing distance gains provided by modern equipment, Riviera Country Club’s 10th hole stands as an alternative to golf’s kneejerk reaction to simply make courses longer.

At a diminutive 315 yards, Riv’s 10th hole played over par (4.025), yielded just a single eagle and three scores of triple-bogey or higher last year. Of the 190 players who attempted to drive the small, tilted putting surface just three succeeded.

Scoring on the hole, however, favored the bold in 2011. The players who went for the green last year, those with drives of 300 yards or more, had a lower scoring average (3.028) than players who laid up, those with a driving average of 240 yards or less, (4.054).

“Of course,” said Steve Flesch when GTC asked if Riviera’s 10th was the best hole on Tour. “Ten is the easiest par 5 we play all year.”