Rules and regulations


One of the more interesting asides that has emerged from the “when-will-Tiger-play” lottery is the notion the world No. 1 would play the Tavistock Cup March 22-23, just a day before the Arnold Palmer Invitational is played 10 minutes down Apopka-Vineland Road at Bay Hill Club & Lodge.

There is a little-known PGA Tour regulation which prohibits a player from participating in a golf event in “the same geographic area” as that week’s Tour event without advanced approval.

According to Andy Pazder, the Tour’s senior VP of tournament administration, the Tour has a sanctioning agreement with the Tavistock Cup, which means it is a “coordinated event” that a Tour member would be allowed to play without advanced approval.

All of which means that not even the minutiae can help answer the most-asked question in golf.