Ryder Cups first tee A frat party


NEWPORT, Wales – There’s no place in golf like the first tee at the Ryder Cup.

With Stewart Cink preparing to go off Monday morning against the curly mopped-haired Rory McIlroy, the crowd at Celtic manner began chanting: “We’ve got more hair . . . We’ve got more hair.”

Cink is balding. In sporting fun, Cink took his cap off to acknowledge the chant.

With players making warm-up swings well in advance of their tee shots, fans were reciting a cheer in sync with their swings, one sound as they took the club back, another as they completed the swing. It sounded something like: Hooooo, Raaaaay.” Furyk had fun with that, pausing in his motion to fool the crowd. They loved it. So did Furyk.