Scott speaks to Williams, ready to let 'clubs do the talking'


JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – Believe it or not, Adam Scott has had two quiet days since his victory Sunday at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational. While the rest of the sports world has been dissecting every word his new caddie Steve Williams said, Scott has been laying low, trying to conserve his energy for what will be a draining week in the Georgia heat at the PGA Championship.

But this doesn’t mean that Scott is not aware of the stir Williams created.

“I kind of think it’s been blown out of proportion,” Scott said. “You know, Steve was obviously delighted to win, as was I.”

Many players have weighed in over the last 48 hours with comments that range from disgust that a caddie would take the spotlight away from his player, to admiration for a man who was simply speaking his mind in the heat of the moment. Scott’s opinion, however, is the only one that matters and he didn’t seem too worked up over the situation, although he did make it clear that he had a talk with Williams.

“Look, we’ve had our chat about the whole thing,” Scott said. “I just took what he said as confidence for me. I’m kind of flattered and it fills me with confidence. I think that’s what his intention is to be honest.

“I think it all got a little out of hand, but you know, we’ll just go on from here. Hopefully, we’ll let our clubs do the talking for the rest of the week.”

Williams told The Associated Press that he was caught off guard by the interview following Scott's victory.

“It’s very unusual for TV to put a microphone in front of a caddie’s face,” he said. “There was a lot of emotion and anger that came out. It wasn’t meant to offend anyone.”

Williams was working for Scott for the fourth time this season and the second since being fired by Tiger Woods in July. Woods made his return from a three-month, injury-induced layoff in Akron, and finished 18 shots behind Scott. That only fueled Williams' comments.

“I understand where players are coming from, but I’m a little upset by what some of them said because they have no idea what I’ve been through,” Williams said. “But I didn’t mean to cause anyone harm. There was just a lot of emotion.”