Shark falls from sky onto California course


A course marshal came across something Monday that rarely makes an appearance on a golf course – a live shark.

While making his rounds at San Juan Hills Golf Club in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., the marshal noticed something moving near the 12th tee box. When he approached, he found a 2-foot-long shark fighting for its life.

The 2-pound leopard shark was found bleeding with puncture wounds. Apparently, a bird had plucked it from the nearby ocean but had subsequently lost its grip, sending the shark plummeting to the tee box below. The marshal put the shark in his cart and drove it back to the clubhouse.

'He went above and beyond,' noted Melissa McCormack, director of club operations. 'We knew we had to get it to the ocean as fast as possible.'

She indicated that no one was on the tee when the shark initially landed, although some golfers had just left the area.

Once back at the clubhouse, the shark was placed in a bucket of 'homemade sea water' and taken back to the ocean, where it promptly swam away. The encounter remains a unique one for McCormack and her staff.

'We have your typical coyotes, skunks and the occasional mountain lion,' she explained. 'But nothing like a shark.'