Short par 4 open for eagles and birdies


CHASKA, Minn. – Caught up with PGA setup man Kerry Haigh behind the 14th green Friday afternoon. Not sure if he was admiring his handiwork or just watching the fun.

Haigh and the PGA moved the tee on the par 4 up some 60 yards to 299 yards in an attempt to prod players into trying to drive the green. The trick is working. So far in Round 2 there have been three eagles, 49 birdies, 63 pars, 17 bogeys and one double bogey.

“Most are going for it,” Haigh said. “It’s bringing in all the excitement of a short par 4. There are eagle possibilities, there are plenty of birdies ... it can be anything. It’s a beautiful short par 4.”

Haigh couldn’t recall if he played the forward tee on the hole during the 2002 PGA, but a new cross bunker placed about 40 yards short of the green for this year’s championship made it an easy choice to inject some excitement into the proceedings.

As for the rest of the week Haigh was cryptic, but didn’t seem so sure they’d play the forward tees during the weekend. Simply put, have your fun while you can.