Simpson may miss British Open due to birth of child


SAN FRANCISCO – U.S. Open champion Webb Simpson might not get a chance to win back-to-back majors this summer. He isn’t likely to be heading to the British Open next month.

Simpson’s wife, Dowd, is 34 weeks pregnant and due to deliver the couple’s second child in late July. They’re planning to induce birth before that, but not before the British Open.

“I’m due the week of Bridgestone,” Dowd said. “Webb has never played it, and he really wants to, so we are going to induce the week prior. I don’t think he is going to play the British Open, just in case I go into labor.”

The couple’s first child, James, was born before his due date.

“So in case I go into labor early, it would make Webb too nervous to hop over the pond and then have to try to get back,” Dowd said.

Though Dowd is nearly eight months pregnant, she walked all 72 holes this week watching her husband. Their son was back with his grandparents.