Simpson takes to Twitter, calls for bifurcation


While many of the players affected by the USGA and R&A's ban on anchoring remained silent Tuesday, one of the four players who recently won major titles using an anchored stroke spoke out late in the day on Twitter.

Webb Simpson, who won the U.S. Open last June with a belly putter, began his comments on the social media platform by calling for a larger role for active players in rules-making decisions:

He also then went on to make a call for bifurcation, whereby the professionals on the PGA Tour would play by a different set of rules than amateurs:

The three-time PGA Tour winner then took time to engage some of his followers with questions, hitting upon several key arguments that have traditionally been brought up by those against the anchoring ban:

Simpson concluded his comments by admitting that he is prepared to switch to a short putter, but will first wait to see what decision is made by the PGA Tour: