Singh-PGA Tour court battle heating up


PITTSFORD, N.Y. – As Vijay Singh made his final preparations for this week’s PGA Championship at Oak Hill, another challenge seemed to be heating up for the Fijian in the New York Supreme Court’s commercial division.

Singh’s lawyers submitted a request last Thursday for a preliminary conference with Justice Eileen Bransten to “set a discovery schedule.” The PGA Tour’s attorneys countered on Tuesday claiming “in light of (the Tour’s) pending motion to dismiss, which is based on a number of substantive grounds and would dispose of the entire case, we see no basis to depart from the stay of discovery.”

The Tour’s current motion to dismiss Singh’s lawsuit – which was filed in May and seeks damages for the Tour’s “reckless administration and implementation of its anti-doping policy” following his violation and subsequent acquittal for using deer-antler spray, which contained IGF-1 and is banned by the Tour’s policy – is currently pending in the court.