Snow days


Growing up in the south, it was a big deal to get snow. It would happen maybe once or twice a year and everyone was absolutely thrilled. Even the old mean crusty types would get a smile on their face when they didn’t think anyone else was looking.

The reports would start coming in a few days out and the milk and bread would start flying off the shelves in the grocery stores. All of us kids would make plans to have a day or two away from school. In preparation for the big event we would round up our sleds, coats and gloves. I think the reason that everyone was so excited about the prospect of getting snow was that it was a break from the normal routine of winter.

The anticipation that something big and different is about to happen is in some ways bigger than the event itself. I think that is where we stand right now in the world of golf in regard to the return of Tiger Woods to competition. All reports are indicating that his return may be imminent. Why else would he be spending time with Hank Haney working on his game?

Rumors are circulating and they all point to an impending return. All of us that cover the game are scrambling to make sure we are properly prepared. That’s the forecast. You can feel it in the air. Something big is coming. But remember, in the south, a forecast for snow most often brings a cold rain.

Even so, I’m making sure my cupboard is full.  I’ve got a feeling a record setting blizzard is about to hit.