Sorenstam: Pressure, lack of patience hurting Woods


Annika Sorenstam saw Tiger Woods pressing to win a 15th major championship last weekend at the U.S. Open, and said a loss of focus is why he failed to win.

'I think that he's putting a lot of pressure on himself,' Sorenstam said Thursday on 'Morning Drive.' 'I think that his attitude is not the way it used to (be). He's just one bad swing, and he's losing it. He used to have so much patience, so much focus. (He) was in such control for several rounds in a row, then he tees off and it's nothing like that.' 

Sorenstam believes the mental block leads to problems with Woods' technique. As Woods continues to develop confidence in and comfort with the swing he has developed with Sean Foley, Sorenstam is unsure if Woods can regain his dominance.

'I don't know if his swing will be the way it was,' she said, 'and allow him to continue to be consistent for so long under that type of pressure.'