Sorenstam weighs in on Ochoas announcement


If there is one person who knows what is going through Lorena Ochoa's mind, it's Annika Sorenstam. The former world No. 1 chimed in with her thoughts on the current world No. 1's announcement that she was going to retire.

Sorenstam stated the following on her blog:

'I must admit that I was surprised, but not shocked when I heard the news yesterday that Lorena is going to retire. She has always said she would play for maybe 10 years and then leave the game to start a family. She just got married and obviously feels that she is ready for that next chapter in her life. She has accomplished so much in such a short time, and has other business endeavors that have become more of her focus. This includes an amazing foundation and school for children. I know she plans to grow these areas.

'I understand completely what she is going through because I have just gone through this myself. Though I was older than Lorena, it is still hard to play and play at the level you demand of yourself when your heart and mind are somewhere else. While the LPGA will certainly miss her great play, warm demeanor and smile, I am personally very happy for her. The most rewarding days are ahead of her and I wish her all the best.'