Sorenstam would take Thompson over Wie


In golf's proverbial stock market, Annika Sorenstam would be a long-term buyer in the career of Lexi Thompson before that of Michelle Wie.

Asked Thursday on 'Morning Drive' who of the pair would be better off in five years, Sorenstam took Thompson.

'She's an upcoming star. She's so young. She's just starting her career,' she said. 'You look at Michelle Wie, and she's still very young, but in our eyes, she's been on tour for a while. She's been playing as an amateur since the age of 12. She set the bar high so early and, after that, she hasn't been able to deliver, so I would certainly put Lexi Thompson first.'

Both players struggled yesterday in the first round of the LPGA Lotte Championship in Hawaii. Playing together, Thompson (75) beat Wie (78) by three shots. 

Wie continues to struggle with putting, which Sorenstam believes can be corrected with devoted practice.

'There was one season I just devoted to putting,' she said. 'I took two months and putted two hours per day - one hour in the morning, one hour in the afternoon. The first session was all about technique, just making sure I did the right things. Then in the afternoon, it was all about feel. After that, I had one of my best years.'

She added, 'I was determined that my short game would not hold me back.'