State of her game


SAN FRANCISCO – Condoleeza Rice, the former U.S. secretary of state, was impressed, even if Vijay Singh wasn't.

After Singh laid open a wedge and took a giant swipe at his ball in the rough just off the ninth green, Rice smiled and shook her head from her spot inside the ropes. Singh's ball settled a foot from the hole. Rice, an avid golfer who recently became a member at Shoal Creek Golf Club, seemed impressed that the Big Fijian could take such a big swing and execute such a delicate shot. She took a few abbreviated practice swings with an imaginary club, as if trying to see if she could duplicate such a shot. She shook her head again after doing so, acknowledging she probably couldn't.

Hey, we know the feeling. Singh also shook his head after the shot, but that is because he thought he should have holed it.