Statement from Florida Highway Patrol


The Florida Highway Patrol has received information that Tiger Woods and his wife were not available to be interviewed by state troopers, as we had previously scheduled. This announcement came from his agent. Troopers were asked to return tomorrow (Sunday, Nov. 29th).

This is still an ongoing crash investigation. The 911 tapes provided to FHP investigators from the Orange County Sheriff’s office have not been reviewed by the investigating trooper. Once that has been done and we determine whether or not it is pertinent to our case, I will advise you when those will be released.

Please remember there is no specific timeline on when that will occur. The Florida Highway Patrol is the sole agency investigating this traffic crash. The Florida Highway Patrol will not address any other statements that have been circulating throughout this incident, unless those statements were made specifically by this agency. Currently, there is no other information to be released. At this time, there is no press conference scheduled.