Statistics for the first two days at the Masters


AUGUSTA, Ga. – Some Day 2 statistics to sink your teeth into:

• The first hole was the most difficult in Round 1. On Day 2 it was the par-4 ninth hole, with a 4.372 average. The first hole was the third most difficult at 4.379, which is the exact same average as the first round.

• Overall scoring average for the second round was more than a full shot higher than the day before (74.426 vs. 73.368). Combined scoring average for the first two days is 73.894.

• The easiest hole for the second consecutive day was the par-5 second hole. It was 4.674 on Day 1, 4.705 on Day 2.

• The most difficult par 3 has been the sixth hole. It was the fifth most difficult hole on Round 2 at 3.295 strokes and is the seventh most difficult for the two days combined.