Steele: Expect a player to sue USGA, R&A


FORT WORTH, Texas – Brendan Steele, a longtime user of the anchored-putting stroke, said Tuesday morning that he believes one or more PGA Tour members will soon take legal recourse against the USGA and R&A joint decision to ban anchoring beginning in 2016.

“I expect you to see something soon,” he said. “Someone today will probably give you something on that.”

Steele, who first began anchoring in 2006, but last month switched to a grip against his forearm, which will remain legal under the revised rule, maintained that he will not seek any legal action against the game’s governing bodies, but believes others will.

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The winner of the 2011 Valero Texas Open contended that if the PGA Tour decides to disallow anchored putting in the future, it may dissuade him from going back. However, with the ban only currently supported by the USGA and R&A, and still nearly three full years from coming to fruition, he wouldn’t be against anchoring his putter again.

“I’m going to putt however I can best get the ball into the hole this week and then deal with it moving forward,” Steele said. “I’m using the [Matt] Kuchar-style because I feel like it’s the best chance for me to hole putts this week.”