Still buzzing about Barron


LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – It’s been more than a week since the PGA Tour announced Doug Barron was the first player to violate the circuit’s performance-enhancing drug policy but the buzz of the news was still palpable on the driving range at Walt Disney World Resort.

“What’s the scoop,” asked one player early Wednesday.

Others were still coming to grips with the news a 40-year-old Tour journeyman had become the face of doping in golf.

“You could give me a list of 500 Tour players and I would not pick Doug Barron’s name off the list to be the first,” Brad Faxon said.

Faxon and Zach Johnson learned of the violation during the executive session of the Tour’s Policy Board on Nov. 2 and they both had similar reactions.

“I was shocked,” Johnson said.

The Tour did not tell either Johnson or Faxon, both player directors on the Policy Board, what drug Barron tested positive for, which left both asking the same question many outside observers are now asking.

“My natural reaction was, what’d he take?” Faxon said. “That’s just human nature, but it’s our policy not to make that public.”