Stockton surviving scare eager to resume work with Mickelson


BOCA RATON, Fla. – Phil Mickelson’s next lesson with Dave Stockton was nearly canceled.


The pulmonary embolism that hospitalized Stockton before Christmas almost killed him, his son reports. Ron Stockton made the trip to lead the clinic at Morgan Pressel’s charity outing alone in Boca Raton, Fla., Tuesday while his father continues a speedy recovery.

“Doctors said if the massive clot had moved another half inch through my father’s lung, it would have been lights out,” Ron said after the Morgan & Friends clinic at St. Andrews Country Club.

Ron found his father slumped on his knees with his arms over the back of a chair when he walked into his parents' Southern California home. His father was gasping for air.

“He couldn’t breathe, and he was just trying to get air in his lungs,” Ron said. “He said it was the worst pain he’s ever felt.”

Ron called paramedics and his father was hospitalized for a week. Dave is being treated with blood-thinning drugs and rebounding quickly.

Dave felt well enough Tuesday to hit balls for the first time. He's scheduled to work with Mickelson next week.

“Dave’s really excited about the possibilities for Phil this season,” Ron said. “It’s a neat deal how they’ve connected.”