Storm no problem for Augusta


AUGUSTA, Ga. – Long after Fred Couples, Tom Watson and the rest of Thursday’s big winners had bolted the property you could feel the approaching storm by way of a steady hum through Augusta National’s manicured turf long before the skies opened up.

The club’s famed SubAir system was already rumbling just before 9 p.m. (ET) when a heavy storm swept over the area, bringing with it high winds, heavy rain and lightning long after the last putt had dropped.

But thanks to the club’s state-of-the-art SubAir system, which removes water from greens and low areas, the downpour will have little, if any, impact on Friday’s second round, which will feature cooler temperatures but no more rain according to the forecast.

Proving once and for all that Augusta National may not be able to beat Mother Nature, but they can play her to a draw.