Streelmans playoff predicament


Kevin Streelman has become the poster child for all that is perceived to be wrong with the FedEx Cup playoffs, having vaulted from 102nd to start the postseason all the way to 29th on the FedEx Cup points list and earning a spot at the Tour Championship, to say nothing of his chance to play the first three majors of 2011.

How, the pundits have demanded, can a player who finished T-3 (Barclays), T-45 (Deutsche Bank) and T-43 (BMW) earn such a coveted spot and all the benefits that come with it?

Without debate, Streelman posted a less-than-stellar season before The Barclays, missing 10 cuts and finishing in the top 10 just three times, but so did the wildcard New York Giants in 2007 and we’re certain their Super Bowl rings didn’t come with asterisks.

“It is tough for me to comment on it, based on the scenario and the points system that the PGA Tour approved, the players approved, I played well enough to get into the Tour Championship,” Streelman said from his home in Arizona on Wednesday. “I felt like people are trying to make me feel bad about it. I have worked my tail off to get here. I have played well points wise to get here.”

The rub, of course, is that two years ago Streelman was the darling of Ridgewood Country Club, finishing tied for fourth and giving the Tour’s postseason something of a playoff feel.

“Two years ago it wasn’t volatile enough, now it’s too volatile. We will never find a system that everyone agrees with 100 percent,” Streelman said. “I’m not going to apologize for where I am.”

Nor should he.