Struggling mentally? Tiger offers terse 'No'


BETHESDA, Md. – When it comes to Nick Faldo’s recent criticism of Tiger Woods’ mental game, Woods not surprisingly disagrees.

“I don't know. I've won four times.,” Woods said Wednesday when asked about the analyst’s comments.

Faldo, who commentates for CBS and Golf Channel, recently told the Daily Mail: “He’s not in a good mental place. It was so easy for him before, he made it look so easy, when it is such a hard sport. But whatever he’s been through, with all his personal problems, has made an impact on his mind – and so much of this sport is all in the mind. Nerve is the bottom line. I know he wants to come back and prove that he can do it.”

When questioned as to whether he feels like he is struggling mentally, Woods only offered a terse, “No.”

Woods has won four titles this season on the PGA Tour, though his major championship drought has now surpassed five years.