Swing coaches for Woods, Wi have turbulant history


ORLANDO, Fla. – As if today’s final group off the tee at Bay Hill needed any additional subtext, Tiger Woods’ pairing with Charlie Wi rekindles an unpleasant episode between the two players’ swing coaches.

At the 2010 BMW Championship Wi was asked about his teachers Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett, who had been criticized in some circles for their theories. Wi defended the stack and tilt tandem and blasted back at Sean Foley, who had started working with Woods a few weeks earlier before the PGA Championship.

“I'm not going to say the person's name, whoever Tiger is working with (Foley), you know, he's got Andy and Mike's DVD, his book, and he always calls them asking questions,” said Wi, who will begin the third round at Bay Hill tied with Woods.

“I think that there's an article coming out in Golf Digest, and there was a big problem with Andy and Mike and the person that's working with Tiger because the pictures that are in the Golf Digest are pretty much straight out of their golf book that they have released.”

Reports later suggested Bennett and Plummer cleared the air with Foley, but it certainly adds to Saturday’s subtext.