'Swordplay' ends round at Detroit-area course


As we observe Pace of Play Month, here's a cause of slow play that hadn't come up until now: stabbing another member of your foursome.

According to a report in the Detroit News, two unnamed Detroit-area golfers, one 59 and one 65, got into an argument at Westwynd Golf Club in Oakland Township. The source of the dispute appears to be what score the younger man had taken on a particular hole.

Oakland County Sheriff's deputies were called, and their preliminary investigation showed that the younger man struck the older man on the arm with his Callaway 5-iron hard enough for the clubhead to break off. He then used the shaft – no word on whether it was steel or graphite – to stab the other man in the arm.

The other two members of the foursome reportedly held the alleged attacker down while the victim headed off in a golf cart for the clubhouse, according to the police report. The alleged attacker broke free and gave chase in another cart, yelling that he was “going to get him,” according to witnesses.

Police later arrested the suspect at his home and jailed him pending further review of the incident. Half of the club was found on the golf course’s 12th hole, the other half in the suspect’s golf bag at home.

The other two members of the foursome reportedly told police the suspect became enraged and attacked 'without provocation after he was asked what his score was on the previous hole.'

That claim leaves it unclear whether the older man had simply asked “Hey, what did you make on that hole?” or said “You made a WHAT back there?” We know which one we’re betting on.