First tee moments from Mondays singles


The first tee during Ryder Cup singles might be the best atmosphere in sports. Here are a few moments from Monday:

9:07: As Stewart Cink and Rory McIlroy were waiting on the first tee at Celtic Manor, a 'He has more hair than you' chant began. Cink lifted his hat to show his shaved dome to a loud roar.

9:08: An American fan yelled, 'He has more majors than you!'

9:23: As Jim Furyk was squinting to see the first fairway through the fog, a fan yelled, 'Jim, just follow your nose!' Furyk bent over laughing and pointed to the crowd saying, 'That was funny.'

9:32: As Dustin Johnson and Martin Kaymer stood silent on the first tee, a Euro fan yelled, 'He's got your major.' A set of unfavored 'boos' followed by both sides.

9:34: 'Hey, it's a-Mario!' was yelled at Martin Kaymer's caddie – who resembles the beloved video game protagonist – as he was pointing to the wind direction.

10:07: An American fan, sick of the chants, screamed, 'We have the Cup!' Quickly, an impromptu 'not for long' chant followed.

10:09: As Jeff Overton stood on the first tee, the U.S. team's wives began yelling, 'Jeff, Jeff, he's our man...' It was immediately silenced by Euro fans' higher volume booing the wives.

10:17: Each European receives the cheer 'There's only one (NAME)' to the tune of 'Guantanamera' when on the first tee. In the singles match of Miguel Angel Jimenez and Bubba Watson, the first American was honored with, 'There's only one Happy Gilmore.'

10:28: Tiger strategically arrived to the first tee as late as possible. In the short time window for grandstanders to squeeze in verbal jabs, two were announced: 'What's up pussycat?' and 'How many birdies today Tiger?'

10:52: Moments before Phil Mickelson and Peter Hanson teed off in singles Match 10, the crowd filling the 5,000-seat grandstand around the first tee sat down for the first time.

11:02: Just as the crowd noise died down from Padraig Harrington's arrival to the first tee for singles Match 11 versus Zach Johnson, a Euro fan screamed, 'Don't worry, Padraig. It'll be over before your match matters.'

11:04: 'I have my house on you, Padraig!'

11:05: As Zach Johnson and white-haired and goateed caddie Damon Green stand side-by-side, a yell of 'Hey Zach, why is Kenny Rogers caddying for you?' stitched the crowd.

11:06: 'Hey Kenny, give us a wave.'