The beat goes on with Barkley


KAPALUA, Hawaii – I thought last night's “Saturday Night Live” skit on “The Haney Project: Charles Barkley” was hilarious and it's no disrespect to Hank or anyone else. Charles was, is and always will be a struggling golfer. It's part of his charm and appeal. I have seen the trailers for the upcoming “Haney Project: Ray Romano” and I can assure you the entertainment value is just as strong, if not stronger, because Ray is incredibly funny in ad lib situations and he's very serious about improving his game.

I had a brief exchange with Sir Charles this morning. He's already in Los Angeles doing a commercial shoot for a major food chain. He and Romano are two of the busiest men in show business. He told me to enjoy Hawaii, which is not difficult to do, especially since there were reports of light, dusting snow back home in Orlando. It feels like we're living in another world out here in the middle of the Pacific.

In other news:  I spoke with Steve Stricker and his beautiful family last night on my way to dinner. His two little girls are having the time of their lives. ... Tournament leader Lucas Glover is somewhere between working and playing hard. He's here with his wife and in-laws and has been quite the entertainer since they arrived last Friday. They've done whale watches and helicopter rides in and around Lucas' dedicated hours at the course and the gym. In his workouts, he's not just going through the motions, he's grinding away on his cardio and core strength. For a South Carolina native who seems so laid back, he has a very serious side to him. Let's see how it translates in today's final round.