The new $64 million question


A new $64 million question replaced the old one on Sunday at Augusta National. For months, golf writers on both sides of the pond have asked when, or if, Rory McIlroy will ever take up PGA Tour membership again. Now, the only question is whether he can recover from Sunday’s 80 at the Masters.

The question of membership still lingers, however, and his manager Chubby Chandler provided some insight before his man teed off on Sunday.

“In a funny sort of way the FedEx thing drove a nail into the coffin because we thought about being a member here,” Chandler said. “(Barclays and Deutsche Bank) were too much golf. You just go blank. . . . He’s well aware that he doesn’t want to get burnt out. It’s not a slap on the Tour. If he could play 12 or 13 (events) he’d be alright.”

The Northern Irishman’s current status as a former member who relinquished his membership allows him 11 starts including The Players Championship.