They Said It: Best quotes from Masters Saturday


Fred Ridley, chairman of the competition committee, on any perception that Tiger Woods received special treatment with penalty ruling: 'I can't really control what the perception might or might not be.  All I can say is that unequivocally this tournament is about integrity. Our founder Bobby Jones was about integrity, and if this had been John Smith from wherever, that he would have gotten the same ruling, because again, it is the right ruling under these circumstances.'

Bubba Watson, on the concept of viewers calling in to report rules infractions seen on TV: 'Personally, if I see somebody do a rules infraction, I don't know which number to call. So I don't even know how these people get a number to call. And obviously they got more time on their hands than I do, because I don't know the number and I'm playing in the golf tournament.'

Phil Mickelson, on a disappointing Saturday that equaled his highest round ever at Augusta: 'I just played terrible. There's no way around it. I'm just not hitting very good golf shots, missing it in bad spots and not really knowing which side I'm going to miss it on. So my play has been beyond terrible, and that's certainly disappointing.'

Matt Kuchar, on capitalizing on the par-5s at Augusta National: 'Around this place you take what the course gives you. Here the par-5s are opportunities that you want to take advantage of and I feel great about having birdied all four. I would say that it's a good feat, because even though they are all potential birdie holes, they're all potential bogey holes or holes that you can mess up on.'

Rory McIlroy, on the stretch that effectively ended his title hopes: 'It's disappointing, especially after such a good start. I was only a few off the lead going into 7th hole today and then all of a sudden I play 7 through 11 in 5-over par and basically my chances in the tournament are gone.'

Tiger Woods, on those calling for him to disqualify himself Saturday morning: 'Under the rules of golf I can play. I was able to go out there and compete and play. Evidently this is the Harrington rule, I guess. If it was done a year or two ago, whatever, I wouldn't have the opportunity to play. But the rules have changed, and under the rules of golf I was able to play.'

Bernhard Langer, on the prospect of a Champions Tour player winning a major: 'I say it's going to happen that a senior player is going to win a major championship. Tom Watson almost did it obviously on a little shorter golf course, Fred Couples can do it any given moment, and there's a few of us that might do it, too. It's going to happen sooner or later.'

Tim Clark, on the notion that the Masters turns into a putting contest: 'Well, if you watched me yesterday, I think I missed 10 putts inside eight feet yesterday. I don't believe it's that much of a putting contest out there. I mean, you've got to hit the ball so good around here, and particularly control your irons.  That's all I really did today.'

Brandt Snedeker, on his mindset entering the final round: ''I’ve spent 32 years of my life preparing for tomorrow. I’m going to be disappointed if I don’t win. Period.'