They said it: Day 1 of the U.S. Open


ARDMORE, Pa. – Quote board from Day 1 of the 113th U.S. Open at Merion Golf Club:

NBC Sports analyst Mark Rolfing, on Phil Mickelson’s opening 67: “This is a dream start at the championship for him. Over the past six or seven majors, he has not gotten off to a good start.”

Former USGA executive director David B. Fay, on Merion: “Some people probably are hoping that Merion is going to get annihilated and say that they (USGA) have lost control. I think that they are going to be disappointed.”

Fay, on the chances that the USGA would employ lift, clean and place at Merion: “If that were to happen, Don McLean would write another song. It would be ‘The Day the USGA died.’”

Jerry Kelly, on what he’s expecting the rest of the week at Merion: “If we could play the contours of this golf course firm and fast, boy, bring a lunch. It will be tough.”

Mickelson, on his complicated relationship with the U.S. Open (no wins, five runners-up): “If I’m able to ultimately win a U.S. Open, I would say that it’s great. But if I never get that win, then it would be a bit heartbreaking.”

Bubba Watson, on Mickelson’s decision to fly home and return to Merion early Thursday morning: “I think that was very cool. Phil has always been known as a family man. And if I had a plane and I had that ability, I’d probably do that, too.”