Solheim Cup starts not a dime a dozen for Davies


DUNSANY, Ireland – Laura Davies has seen everything in the Solheim Cup. Everything.

This is her 12th appearance for Europe in the biennial matches, which are happening for the 12th time. No one else has played in every Solheim Cup and only Annika Sorenstam is ahead of Davies in all-time Solheim Cup points, although Sorenstam has only collected a half-point more.

'I didn't even know that stat,' Davies said Tuesday at Killeen Castle. 'But I'd be disappointed not to get at least one point and hopefully three or four.'

Davies, 47, has been through all the contentious moments these matches have seen, like in 1998 at Muirfield Village when the Europeans put Dottie Pepper's photo on a punching bag in their team room and in 2000 at Loch Lomond when the U.S. made Europe re-chip a shot because they played out of turn. 

Although she's been on the losing side eight times, and the winning side only three times, it's the fierce competition of these matches that wakes Davies up in the morning. She already has eyes on the 2013 Solheim Cup. 

'I want to try to be part of the team again, and you set your schedule out where you give yourself the best chance to qualify for it again to be part of this,' Davies said. 'The team's getting younger, I'm getting older and it's harder to do.'