Tiger again too thin skinned


Be careful what you wish for? Tiger Woods' terse warning to Rory McIlroy is a fitting comment from a guy who has abused his fame the same way he used to flog his pursuers.

Woods, strangely enough, has always taken things personally, but this particular reaction is pithy and petty, even by his sensitive standards. I'm so glad Tiger has changed. He may not be the player he once was, but he still owns the thinnest skin on earth.

Where was the malicious intent in McIlroy's remark? The lack of respect? The distortion of fact? Looks like Eldrick Almighty is turning on Rory the same way he flipped on Sergio Garcia 10 years ago – find a fake reason to end a cordial relationship with the game's top young star. Creature of habit, that Woods fella.