Tiger can see winning on the PGA Tour into his 50s


Tiger Woods said Monday he would walk away from golf if he felt to have passed his peak. That peak, apparently, may not come until his 50s.

Woods believes he can win on the PGA Tour beyond when he has enough candles on his birthday cake to play the Champions Tour.

'Absolutely, 100 percent (he can win into his 50s),' Woods said in an interview with WJFK-FM on Monday. 

'It just has to be on the right golf course. By the time I’m at that age, it’ll be some golf courses over 8,000 yards. It’s probably not going to be at one of those. It’s probably going to be at a shorter golf course like you’d find at a British Open.' 

Woods alluded to Tom Watson, who nearly won the 2009 British Open at Turnberry at age 59.

'It was like the perfect Open,' he said. 'It was howling, it was a golf course he had won on and knew how to play and it was playing very quick.'

The 14-time major winner can not anticipate winning at a prolific pace beyond the age of 50, but rather would likely find success at a particular tournament.

'You can certainly see a certain player playing into their 50s and being successful on a certain venue,' he said. 'You can’t do it on all venues, there’s no doubt. Some ballparks are just too big.'