Tiger defends swing coach


DORAL, Fla. – Tiger Woods gave his swing coach a vote of confidence Sunday at Doral.

After posting a 6-under-par 66, Woods was asked if all the criticism of his work with Sean Foley has made him question whether he’s going the wrong way with the swing changes.

“No, definitely not going the wrong way, that's for sure,” Woods said.

Foley’s found himself the center of intense media attention over his work with Woods.

“As far as feeling for him, yeah, he's never dealt with this before,” Woods said, then with a smile, added: “You know, for some reason, I tend to get a little bit more scrutinized than most players do, analyzed to the nth degree about what goes on within one round of golf.

“That's something that's new to him. He has not quite faced that, but he said the one positive thing is I'm always on TV, which is good, so he gets to look at a lot of golf swings. So that's one of the flip sides and positive sides to it.”