Tiger sees 2016 Olympics at Cog Hill


LEMONT, Ill. – With the Cubs and the White Sox having completed their annual September swoon and football season still not in full swing, big talk around the “Second City” this week is Chicago’s pending bid for the 2016 Olympic Games.

The International Olympic Committee will make its decision regarding the Games on Oct. 2 and many believe the push will need an executive nudge from President Barack Obama. On Wednesday, Chicago’s bid, and golf in particular, got the next best thing.

“You’d have to have the (Games) at a public venue just because of what the nature of the Olympics is all about,” Tiger Woods said. “(Cog Hill) is stand-alone in public venues here in the Chicago area. I don’t know another (public) golf course that could rival this one as far as difficulty.”

Mr. President, the stage is yours.