Tiger Tracker: Day 1 at the Honda Classic


PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – Tiger Woods played alongside Lee Westwood and Miguel Angel Carballo (in for Ian Poulter, who withdrew) in the opening round of the Honda Classic. GolfChannel.com senior writer Randall Mell is at the Champion Course and tracked Tiger on Day 1. (Click for Honda scores)

No. 18 (par 5, 604 yards): The short game fails Woods yet again from behind the 18th green. With a chance to get back to even par, Woods couldn't get up and down with a short flop. He left the shot way short, just like he did with chips at the seventh, eighth and 15th holes. He ended his day 0 for 4 trying to get up and down. His par at the final hole left him at 1 over and tied for 68th when he left the course.  (Final score: 1-over 71)

No. 17 (par 3, 190 yards): Ho-hum. It is the story of this round and the story again at the 17th. Woods hits another green and two-putts for par. Woods had folks howling with back-to-back birdies at the ninth and 10th, but he couldn't keep them howling.  (Score: 1 over through 17)

No. 16 (par 4, 434 yards): After another iron off the tee, Woods hits another green, but with a mediocre approach to 40 feet or so. It's another two-putt par. Woods' ball-striking has been solid all day, but his last three iron shots have not been as sharp.  (Score: 1 over through 16)

No. 15 (par 3, 179 yards): The short game is letting Woods down. He fails for the third time today to get up and down. Woods thumps a chip short from behind the green and misses a 10-foot par putt.  (Score: 1 over through 15)

No. 14 (par 4, 465 yards): Fairways and greens, fairways and greens. Woods follows the formula again with a two-putt par.  (Score: even through 14)

No. 13 (par 4, 388 yards): Ouch! Another lip-out. This time Woods lips out a 25-footer for birdie. He is becoming a fairway/GIR machine at PGA National but he is not holing a lot of chances, still.  (Score: even through 13)

No. 12 (par 4, 427 yards): Woods endured his first three-putt of the day here, lipping out about a 4- 5-footer and making bogey. Aside from that, he is showing U.S. Open form, hitting lots of fairways and greens. (Score: even through 12)

No. 11 (par 4, 479 yards): Woods isn't trying to overpower PGA National's Champion Course. He's using finesse. He hits another iron off the tee at the 11th and sets up a two-putt par. (Score: 1 under through 11)

No. 10 (par 4, 525 yards): After Woods stuck an 8-iron to 3 feet, the gallery roared. He set up his second straight birdie with a monster driver into the fairway. The gallery went crazy with Woods walking to the 11th tee back in red numbers. (Score: 1 under through 10)

No. 9 (par 4, 421 yards): The ninth hole was teeming with folks in the stands and pressed against the ropes. Woods gave them something to howl about, sticking his approach to 10 feet and draining the birdie putt. He is back to even with some momentum for the tough back nine. (Score: even through 9)

No. 8 (par 4, 455 yards): Woods takes 3-wood off the eighth tee, hits his fourth of six fairways and another green (6/8) in regulation. A two-putt par leaves him at 1 over. Westwood has hit twice as many drivers today as Woods but he is also 1 over. (Score: 1 over through 8)

No. 7 (par 3, 226 yards): Woods misses his second green in a row. He tried talking his golf ball down on the green, but it wouldn't listen. After a poor chip, he fails to get up and down for the second hole in a row. We rarely saw this at the height of his powers. (Score: 1 over through 7)

No. 6 (par 4, 488 yards): Woods trusted his driver here for just the second time today and missed his second fairway with it, just barely to the right, though. Still, the rough crossed him up; he missed his first green in regulation and couldn't get up and down for par from behind the green. (Score: Even through 6)

No. 5 (par 3, 217 yards): Confident with his iron play, Woods hits his tee shot at the fifth dead at a flag tucked left against the water. Woods missed the 25-foot birdie chance, short yet again, but he has yet to miss a green in regulation. (Score: 1 under through 5)

No. 4 (par 4, 376 yards): Conservative gameplan working well for Woods. He hit another iron off the tee and hit his third fairway. The course dictates some of the plan, not all of it. Westwood has hit longer clubs off two tees, at least. Though Woods had his best chance yet for birdie here, he pushed the 15-foot putt right. He is 4-for-4 hitting greens. (Score: 1 under through 4)

No. 3 (par 5, 538 yards): A noisy sandhill crane raised all kinds of hell before Woods hit his second shot, a layup. No, it wasn't Ben Crane. Woods missed a 15-foot birdie chance left to stay 1 under. Woods hit his first driver of the day here, pulling it left near the tree line. (Score: 1 under through 3)

No. 2 (par 4, 464 yards): With another iron off the second tee, Woods hits another fairway and gives himself another birdie chance, but he leaves the 20-footer just short. Good read, though, had the line but not the speed. (Score: 1 under through 2)

No. 1 (par 4, 365 yards): Woods gets off to a strong start with his highly scrutinized putter, draining an 18-foot birdie chance. A fan would have been hard pressed to squeeze into a spot along the entire length of ropes at the first hole. All of Palm Beach must be here. (Score: 1 under through 1)