Tiger Web Talkback Tuesday Eye-Opening


Tiger Woods isn’t a fan of forced carries. He would have been a military man like his father had this golf thing not worked out as well as it has, and there’s a certain golden-haired figure he would have like to have played against given the opportunity to go back in time.
This is some of what people tuned into Nike’s live Tiger Web Talkback Tuesday night learned.
While there were a lot of equipment questions in a promotion for Nike’s new Victory Red irons, Woods was open to other questions, too.
A sampling:
On how his golf course design philosophy as an architect will accommodate average players: “I’ve always believed in how links golf is played, that you should have an area where you can run the golf ball up. I don’t believe in forced carries. I hate bunkers that sit in the front part of the green where a player can’t run the ball on the green. I don’t think that’s right. You don’t see that overseas or in links golf.”
On what era other than this he would have most liked to have played: “I would have like to have gone head to head in Jack Nicklaus’ prime. I think we would have enjoyed that. He certainly would have gotten me, and I would have gotten him.”
On what profession he would have pursued if he weren’t a golfer: “If I wasn’t successful on Tour those first few years, I would most likely have joined the Navy and tried to become a Navy Seal.”