Tiger Woods to appear in The Players promo


Is Tiger Woods going to tee it up in The Players Championship?

Woods will be featured for five seconds in a 30-second promotional spot for The Players Championship that will air on NBC this weekend, according to a report in The New York Times. The Players Championship is scheduled May 6-9. That Woods is among those featured doesn’t guarantee he will play in the event, but it will make those who want to see more of him hopeful. The spot will show Woods making his familiar, celebratory fist pump.

“The battle to rebuild Woods’s image is under way, and it will not be hurt by the PGA Tour’s use of his familiar celebratory ritual in a promotional spot for the Players Championship in May,' New York Times golf writer Larry Dorman wrote. 'It will be a strong visual reminder to tour advertisers and sponsors that Woods will soon be back doing what he does best: playing golf and winning events. And although it is a spot for the Players, it will help the Masters, which will be broadcast by CBS, by emphasizing that Woods’s return there in April promises to be anything but ordinary.'