Tiger's agent: Haney, not Woods, untruthful


The day before Hank Haney’s book “The Big Miss” hits shelves, Tiger Woods showed his latest injury tweak at Doral was minor as he posted his 72nd PGA Tour win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

In the book, however, Haney claims Woods lied about the causes of two injuries in their six-year time together.

Haney wrote Woods did not tear his ACL in 2007 while running after the Open Championship, but rather in an exercise with Navy SEALs. The teacher also said Woods injured his right Achilles tendon while doing Olympic-style dead lifts, rather than Woods’ assertion of doing so while testing Nike shoes in late 2008.

On Monday, Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg disputed Haney’s assertions.

“(Hank) Haney admits he never had in-depth, personal discussions with Tiger. This self-serving book is full of guesses and false assumptions,” Steinberg said in an emailed statement.

“Most don't merit a response, but his stories about Tiger's injuries are simply not true. Tiger's injuries, and how they occurred, were exactly as described at the time they happened. Despite repeated claims that this is a golf book, it’s not.”