To publish or not to publish penalties


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Multiple reports based on anonymous sources circulating this week that Rory Sabbatini was facing a possible fine or suspension have rekindled an old debate whether the PGA Tour should make disciplinary matters public.

“We do not comment on disciplinary matters,” Tour spokesman Ty Votaw said flatly earlier this week.

And commissioner Tim Finchem has made it clear he has no intention of changing the policy. “It's not going to happen with this commissioner. It's a dead issue,” said Joe Ogilvie, a former Policy Board member. “A new commissioner might see otherwise. I'm not saying Tim is wrong, I'm just saying I'd look at it a little differently from a player's perspective.”

Ogilvie may be in the minority among his Tour frat brothers in his support of making disciplinary matters public, in part because the media has already proven adept at digging up details on suspensions and fines.

“It's also a deterrent, long-term, for those involved,” he said. “I'd have the slow players . . . everybody would know who the culprits are.”