To the tape


AUGUSTA, Ga. – As Ryan Moore was sizing up his third shot adjacent the par-5 13th green at Augusta National early Friday morning his golf ball, which had settled within a hazard, began trickling backwards.

Moore backed away until it stopped rolling and finished with a birdie-4 on the hole. The 13th, however, wasn’t done with him.

Moore was advised in the scoring trailer after his round that, according to the angle of the television camera, it appeared he had addressed his ball before it began moving, which would have resulted in a one-stroke penalty. After a lengthy discussion Moore and an official retreated to the tournament office to review the tape.

“With the angle they had it looked like I had addressed the, but I hadn’t,” Moore said following the review. “They only had a face-on angle and couldn’t see that I was just standing back with the club in the air trying to figure out how I was going to hit it.”

After the review officials agreed with Moore and he was not assessed a penalty. He finished with a second-round 73 and is at 1 under for the tournament and tied for 25th.