Toms believes in fellow LSU alum Peterson


AVONDALE, La. – David Toms is playing in his 19th Zurich Classic of New Orleans. John Peterson, 2011 NCAA champion, is playing in his first. Both Bayou Bengals from LSU, Toms believes Peterson will pan out to be a terrific pro.

'Really no weaknesses,' Toms said Wednesday at the Zurich Classic. 'Hits it plenty far compared to what you have to do out here on Tour, so that's not a problem for him. Can shoot low rounds.'

Peterson became one of Toms' favorites during his practices at their alma mater's facility, University Club in Baton Rouge.

'He's a good guy. He's a fun guy. I really like being around him. Like any young guy, you make mistakes along the way but I think he'll have the game to really excel out here on tour.'

The upstart pro lauded Toms for his counsel in making the transition to the pay-for-play set.

'He's been a big help to me. He's a guy that I looked up to throughout college,' Peterson said Tuesday. 

'He was around us a lot and he was always there for advice. He's helped me a whole lot with golf, with managing time, money, all that mess, and he does, he probably supports us more than most guys support their college team.'

With Toms' college teammate Chuck Winstead running the show, the '01 PGA champion is proud of where the program is and wants to help.

'It's obviously a program that did a lot for me with the fan base and following, and I try to give back as much as I can to them and follow them and keep up with them just like any of the other LSU sports – probably on a personal level, I'm a little bit more involved,' said Toms.