Too much volatility? Tour to look at playoff points


The FedEx Cup just turned 7 years old, and it continues to be tweaked. 

One of the biggest critiques of the playoff system remains the points distribution. Here’s an example: A player can earn 600 points for a major championship victory during the regular season, but a fourth-place finish in one playoff event nets 750 points.

PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem said the points are more heavily weighted in the playoffs so that “every phase counts, significantly,” but conceded that during the offseason the Tour would look at whether there is too much volatility with the current system.

“When we go to five times the points in the playoffs, it gives an opportunity to a player who is way back in the pack to scoot up,” he said Tuesday on Golf Channel’s “Morning Drive”. “Maybe there’s too much volatility, and a number of players feel that way.”